A Look At Lionel Messi’s First Ever Interview

Lionel Messi

Here we show you the questions asked to Lionel Messi in his first ever interview

Lionel Messi’s first-ever interview as a Newell’s Old Boys youth player has been uncovered on Reddit. He was just a 13-year-old little boy at that time and was still dreaming of winning the World Cup with Argentina one day.

The interview covers all about his interests like his favourite film, music, food and more. This article is going to tell you what a little boy from Rosario, Argentina liked besides playing football.

According to his old teammates, Messi was kind of a shy guy who wasn’t so familiar with the interviews.

“He was humble,” Sergio Maradona, one of Messi’s young team-mates at Newell’s, told Bleacher Report.

“The idea that he was shy, timid—this is a lie. When he is with his mates, he’s great fun. He’s guarded with the press or people who don’t know him. With his family or his friends, he’s very amusing. I remember him as a funny guy, entertaining, extroverted but also a very respectful person, modest, unassuming. He never had problems with anyone.”

Here is the full interview, all thanks to Reddit user lebronjamesgoat1 who translated the whole interview.

Lionel Messi is a player in the 10th division and the attacking playmaker for the team. He’s not only one of the up and coming players in Newell’s academy but has a huge future ahead of him, because, despite his height, he manages to go past one, two, dribble, score goals, but above all he enjoys himself with the ball and as of today he’s being revealed to the world.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

Leo Messi’s answers A hero: Two, my dad Jorge and my god-father Claudio.

A coach: Everyone I’ve had, because I’ve learnt something from all of them ((Gabriel, Morales, Domínguez, Vecchio and Coria).

A fitness coach: Pablo Sánchez.

A player: Two, my brother and my cousin.

A team: Newell’s

A hobby: Listening to music.

A type of music: Cuarteto and Cumbia.

A TV programme: Primicias

A magazine: Pasión Rojinegra (Newell’s fan magazine)

A book: The Bible.

A film: Baby’s Day Out.

Other sport: Handball.

A model: Nicole Neumann.

A food: Chicken and sauce.

A subject: Spanish

A job: PE teacher

An objective: Finish secondary school.

A goal: Play in the first division.

A joy: When we were champions.

A sadness: My grandmother’s death.

A hope: To play in the first division with Newell’s

A memory: When my grandmother took me to play football for the first time.

A dream: To play for Argentina.

A tale to tell: When we travelled to Peru and became champions.

Humility: What a human being must never lose.

Argentinean youth teams: I’d love to play for them.

Expectations for this year: To be champions again.

Family: My dad Jorge, my mum Celia and my brothers and sisters Rodrigo, Natalia and Marisol.

Friends: I’m lucky I’ve got lots of good friends – if I tried to name them I’d forget someone.

What does Newell’s mean in your life? Everything, absolutely everything.