This Girl Used To Feed Cristiano Ronaldo Free Food

This Girl Used To Feed Cristiano Ronaldo Free Food

This article will tell you the story about the time when a girl used to give Cristiano Ronaldo free food

Cristiano Ronaldo has repeatedly revealed details about his upbringing. In one of his conversations with Piers Morgan, the Portuguese legend recounted a touching childhood story.

Ronaldo reminisced about how he was offered complimentary hamburgers by McDonald’s waiter Edna and two others. This gesture made an indelible effect on him.

During that interview, Ronaldo stated that he is still seeking for her and that he would like to invite her to dinner at his home.

This vintage discussion went viral after British entrepreneur Frank Khalid OBE described what Ronaldo did when he met Edna. According to Frank’s tweet, Ronaldo met Edna and presented her with “the largest restaurant in Portugal.”

Frank Khalid OBE posted a collage of Edna and Cristiano Ronaldo with a lengthy statement outlining their chat. “Cristiano Ronaldo: I’m still looking for a burger seller!” read the tweet. When I was impoverished, she used to feed me for free, so I wanted to repay the favor.

Caldina Caldas, the seller, responded to one of the Portuguese stations, saying, “I am very happy with him, and this attitude indicates his humility.” “Cristiano Ronaldo met her, kissed her hand, thanked her, and provided her the largest restaurant in Portugal and other gifts,” Frank continued.


Following Frank Khalid’s tweet, which resurrected the event, other users shared footage of Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview. The fan claimed that this video is for people who are skeptical about the occurrence. “People who are doubting the authenticity of this story,” the user stated.

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Cristiano Ronaldo is heard stating in the video, “We had a McDonald’s next to the stadium where we lived, and we’d always go to the back door and knock on the door… ‘Hey, any burgers left?’” He added, “And Edna and two more girls, which… They are unbelievable. I never found the girls again. I spoke with some people in Portugal to try to find the girls but they closed the McDonalds. But I hope, if this interview will help to find them, I will be so happy.” Ronaldo continued, “I want to invite them to Turin or Lisbon to come to my house, to come to have dinner with me and I want to find these girls to be honest.