Top Five Biggest Controversies In Kylian Mbappe’s Career

Kylian Mbappe

This article will tell you about the top five biggest controversies of Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappé, the talented French footballer, has garnered immense attention and praise for his skills on the pitch. He is the most expensive player in the world alongside his rival Erling Haaland.

However, like many high-profile athletes, he has also been involved in a few controversies throughout his career. You must remember the intense transfer window of 2022/23 where he was linked to a move to Real Madrid.

It is important to note that while these controversies have affected Mbappé’s public image to some extent, they should not overshadow his immense talent and accomplishments.

Mbappé has consistently proven himself as a formidable footballer, winning numerous individual awards and contributing significantly to his teams’ successes.

Additionally, he has been involved in various charitable initiatives and has demonstrated a commitment to using his platform for positive impact.

As with any public figure, controversies are part of their journey, and it is essential to evaluate Mbappé’s career as a whole, taking into account both his achievements and the challenges he has faced.

Let’s know about more of his career controversies.

Transfer Saga and Monaco Exit

One of the earliest controversies surrounding Mbappé occurred in 2017 during his transfer from AS Monaco to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). The transfer broke the world record fee for a teenager, with PSG reportedly paying around €180 million.

Critics argued that the transfer fee was excessive and highlighted the increasing inflation in the football transfer market.

Mbappé’s exit from Monaco also led to disappointment among fans who hoped to see him continue his development at the club.

Real Madrid Transfer Saga

Mbappe’s transfer link with Real Madrid is inarguably one of the biggest transfer controversies to have ever happened. A similar transfer controversy happened in 2022 when Mbappe refused to join Real Madrid after PSG offered him a mouthwatering amount of €300 million.

He couldn’t deny the offer and agreed to stay at the club for another three years, according to the agreement.

Kylian Mbappe
Kylian Mbappe

Real Madrid fans had high hopes with the French international but he spoiled their dreams. The fans criticized Mbappe over his greedy behavior as he chose money over legacy, or at least that’s what the football fans thought.

Clash with Olivier Giroud

During the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament, reports emerged of a rift between Mbappé and his French national team teammate Olivier Giroud.

Giroud publicly expressed frustration with the lack of service he received from his teammates, leading to speculation that his comments were indirectly aimed at Mbappé. The incident caused tension within the French national team and raised questions about team harmony and Mbappé’s relationship with his teammates.

Criticism of PSG’s Performance

In April 2021, after Paris Saint-Germain’s 5-1 defeat against Lille OSC, Mbappé publicly criticized his team’s performance.

He stated that the team lacked personality and was not at the required level to compete at the highest level.

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Mbappé’s comments were seen by some as undermining his teammates and creating a negative atmosphere within the squad. This criticism drew mixed reactions from fans and the football community.

Tax Evasion Allegations

In 2019, Kylian Mbappé faced allegations of tax evasion by the French authorities. It was alleged that he had set up a complex offshore corporate structure to evade taxes on his earnings.

Mbappé denied the allegations and expressed his willingness to cooperate fully with the investigation. The case is ongoing, and the outcome is yet to be determined. These allegations tarnished Mbappé’s reputation and raised questions about his financial practices.