Top Five Biggest Controversies In Sergio Aguero’s Career

Sergio Aguero

This article will tell you about the top five biggest controversies of Sergio Aguero

Sergio Agüero, the Argentine professional footballer who has enjoyed a successful career playing for clubs like Manchester City and the Argentine national team, has also found himself embroiled in controversies throughout his career.

It’s important to note that while these controversies have surrounded Sergio Agüero, he has also achieved great success on the pitch.

He is widely regarded as one of the most prolific goal scorers in Premier League history and has won numerous titles with Manchester City.

While his on-field performances have earned him acclaim, his actions off the pitch have sometimes overshadowed his achievements.

Here are five notable controversies involving Sergio Agüero.

Altercation with Wigan Athletic Fan

In February 2018, during an FA Cup match between Manchester City and Wigan Athletic, a pitch invasion occurred at the end of the game.

Agüero was involved in a heated confrontation with a Wigan fan. It was reported that the fan verbally abused Agüero, who responded by pushing him away.

Sergio Aguero
Sergio Aguero

The incident sparked a melee involving players from both teams and resulted in Agüero being heavily criticized for his actions. He later expressed regret for his response.

Clashes with David Luiz

Agüero has had several clashes with Brazilian defender David Luiz throughout their encounters on the pitch. One notable incident occurred in 2013 during a Premier League match between Manchester City and Chelsea.

Sergio Aguero Clashes with David Luiz
Sergio Aguero Clashes with David Luiz

Agüero lunged into a reckless challenge on Luiz, leading to his dismissal from the game. The tackle was widely condemned for its dangerous nature, and Agüero received a ban for three matches.

Car Accident in Amsterdam

In September 2017, Agüero was involved in a car accident in Amsterdam. He was attending a concert and was on his way back to the airport when the taxi he was traveling in collided with a pole.

Agüero suffered a rib injury as a result of the accident and was ruled out of action for several weeks. The incident sparked controversy as Agüero was criticized for his decision to attend the concert just days before an important match.

Calling Camavinga A “D***face”

The former Manchester City striker was not included in Argentina’s squad for World Cup because he had to retire from playing professionally due to a health issue, but his influence was felt on December 18 as they won the championship.

Aguero referred to Camavinga as a man’s private bits while celebrating on Instagram Live in front of more than 500,000 viewers, according to Marca. The remark immediately received criticism, particularly from Real Madrid supporters.

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The 34-year-old was made aware that Camavinga had accomplished more than he had while still being only 20 years old. It was mentioned that Camavinga owned the Champions League trophy that Aguero had attempted to win at Manchester City but had failed to do so.

Let us tell you that just after two years of his retirement, Aguero had to watch his teams win the World Cup trophy and UEFA Champions League title without him.

Trolling Cristiano Ronaldo

In April 2022, Sergio Aguero was criticized for trolling Cristiano Ronaldo for his long range goals and freekicks.

After a video of Sergio Aguero watching some of Cristiano Ronaldo’s greatest goals went viral, fans began to believe that the Argentinean had a problem with the Portuguese legend.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

The video shows Sergio Aguero watching a collection of some of Cristiano Ronaldo’s best goals on Spanish streaming juggernaut Ibai Llanos’ Twitch channel. Surprisingly, the Argentine seems bored by the incredible finishing on display.

Twitter users were persuaded that the former Manchester City and Barcelona striker was ‘hating’ on the former Real Madrid and Manchester United player as a result of this.