10 Biggest Controversies In Serie A History

Serie A

Here we show you some of the biggest controversies in Serie A history

Serie A is one of the most popular and competitive football leagues in the world. It has been home to some of the greatest players and teams in history. But it has also been the site of some of the most controversial moments in football.

From match-fixing scandals to racism, Serie A has seen its fair share of controversies over the years.

These are just some of the controversies that have surrounded the Serie A in recent years. Despite these incidents, the league remains one of the most popular and highly-regarded football leagues in the world.

There have been no issue with the league’s popularity, with millions of fans tuning in to watch the top teams and players in action.

Here are some of the most notable controversies in Ligue 1 history.

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6. AC Milan’s Match-Fixing

AC Milan
AC Milan

The first major controversy in Serie A history occurred in 1980 when AC Milan was accused of match-fixing. The club was found guilty and was relegated to Serie B for two seasons.

This scandal had a lasting impact on Italian football as it led to stricter regulations regarding match-fixing and corruption.

5. Juventus’ Match-Fixing


In 2006, Juventus were found guilty of involvement in a match-fixing scandal known as “Calciopoli”. The club was stripped of two league titles, relegated to Serie B, and fined heavily for their involvement.

This scandal had a huge impact on Italian football. It exposed the widespread corruption that had been taking place within the league for years.

4. Racism

Kevin Prince
Kevin Prince

Racism has also been an issue in Serie A over the years. In 2013, AC Milan midfielder Kevin Prince Boateng walked off the pitch after being subjected to racist chants from fans of Pro Patria during a friendly match.

This incident sparked a nationwide debate about racism in Italian football. It led to stricter punishments for clubs whose fans are found guilty of racist behaviour.

3. Inter Milan’s Unfair Gameplay

Another major controversy occurred in 2019 when Inter Milan were accused of financial doping by UEFA. This happened due to their excessive spending on player transfers and wages.

The club was fined heavily by UEFA and forced to make changes to their financial structure.

2. Juventus’ Unfair Gameplay

In 2020, Juventus were accused of using underhanded tactics during their transfer dealings with other clubs. The club was accused of using third-party ownership agreements.

The agreement allowed them to sign players without paying transfer fees or wages upfront. Thus their actions circumvent Financial Fair Play regulations set by UEFA.

1. Italian Football and Corruption

Finally, there have been numerous allegations of corruption within Italian football over the years. Many accused certain clubs or officials of taking bribes or engaging in illegal activities such as match-fixing or money laundering.

These allegations have yet to be proven but they have cast a dark shadow over Italian football nonetheless.

Overall, Serie A has seen its fair share of controversies over the years. These incidents have had a lasting impact on Italian football as they have led to stricter regulations.

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Corruption and financial fair play within the league were the two main reasons behind these strict rules & regulations.

Despite these controversies, Serie A remains one of the most popular leagues in world football. It continues to attract some of the best players from around the globe each season.